Prelude of sex


Prelude of sex

Prelude sex - this is the first step in the chain of actions, forming a cycle of the sexual response of a person-excitement. The purpose of preliminary lovemaking is to give more pleasure to the partner.

Prelude sexual intercourse, or preliminary love caresses - this is a preliminary intensification of excitement immediately before sexual intercourse. Without him, the process of pleasure will not bring! In this case, the erogenous zones of a woman or a man are stimulated through touch, stroking, kissing or gentle tongue playing.

Preliminary caresses of a man can begin with stimulation of the nipples of the chest, earlobes, abdomen, then you should immediately go to the caresses of the penis, scrotum (comfortable and comfortable to you ways).

Prelude also serves as a trigger mechanism in achieving orgasm by a woman, because partners have difficulty with this in normal sexual intercourse, which is quite often according to statistics. For women, in such a case, the caress of the neck, behind the ears, the lower abdomen, and directly the nipples of the breast, small and large labia, and the clitoris. Thus, foreplay provides partners with the highest degree of pleasure, is a means of diversity in sex.


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